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11.1.2021 BPS

recently, i watched Battle Programmer Shirase, quite the odd show. I feel like it really encapsulates that early 2000's late night japan feeling that i really enjoy. i wont spoil it because theres only a couple of hours to even watch, so i would just say to watch it yourself if you enjoy that sort of thing. However, ill give a little snippet. Basically, its about a otaku guy who is super good at programming (and hacking) uses his skills to help people out in exchange for rare stuff he wants. heres the eibin electronics x68 series doujinshi scsi card used in the first episode to get the great bps to stop a hacker.

11.2.2021 LAIN

preamble before rewatching SEL: lain is one of the most memorable anime i have ever seen, and yet im not even sure why really. my understanding of the show as i write this is only on a very surface level and yet, i feel a strong connection with it. the general feeling created by the soundtrack, voice acting, art really resonates with the 17 year old otaku i guess. (INCOMPLETE)

11.3.2021 DSI

often, i find myself reaching to my dsi for comfort when in uncomfortable places. to me, the dsi symbolized a time in my life when things were much safer and i wasnt plagued with so many hikikomori like problems. the dsi's lack of real network connectivity, general low complexity, high battery life and overall nostalgia allows me to make my own little bubble when i pull it out. being able to nearly entirely disconnect from whatever is around you by putting on some earbuds and pulling out your ds is a huge asset. when i get some more funds together i am going to homebrew my dsi, but for now its pretty much a dedicated Pokemon Pearl player. my goal with pearl is to get a lvl. 100 dragonite, as that is my favorite pokemon. however, its so damn hard! first, you have to beat the elite four (which i have done, no problem there) then you have to get the national pokedex by filling the gen IV dex. finally, get the super rod, catch dratini and then level him. im still on the national dex part, i only have 4 pokemon left, the three throwaway legendaries from gen IV and then that stupid baloon pokemon that only shows up on friday afternoons.

11.5.2021 japanese

today i decided i would begin learning japanese using a guide that i found on neocities. this isnt my first time trying to learn, but i think i have a real shot this time because i really have nothing better to do this time around, and im tired of sitting around doing nothing during my classes. i guess ill log my progress here, and update this entry when i learn new stuff. maybe someone in a similar position will read this and find some kind of help or relatibility or something. dunno. anyways, hirigana and katakana, just started learning each one and the strokes ;) it takes to write each character. feeling pretty mentally fatigued now, so i am going to take a break for today. tomorrow ill start memorizing the sounds each character makes, might take a couple of days to memorize both kana, hoping for the best. | started memorizing the first 3 columns of hirigana... was forced to stop because dumbfucks in my class decided to play some loud ass mexican music. god i hate this trash ass school. how can you be so shameless? i really dont understand how someone can so selfish and okay with acting like an idiot in public.

11.9.2021 japanese

still memorizing hirigana and tried out duolingo. not a fan of it, too corporate and paywall filled. ill stick to my FOSS elitist nonsense thank you very much. i started a notebook for taking notes and practicing writing characters, im really enjoying having something analog infront of me and doodling little characters next to notes. applying formatting in a space that doesnt have presets or requirements or syntax feels so freeing.

11.9.2021 new system ideas

recently, the problems of only having a single system has been rearing its ugly head. Windows 10 and all of its security flaws, bloatware, and just general lame-ness has given me the desire for a linux based system. ive read a bit about my options, and i think i might try to get myself a cheaper old laptop for daily use. Id use it for things like editing this page, programming, studying japanese, reading manga and watching anime. i still need to look into linux distros, i was thinking about TAILS but i realized that i would probably like to actually store data on my system. Gentoo is my other thinking, as i saw online it was the most streamlined and hardcore distro, and im sure it would force me to learn linux. ill try and scrape some funds together and obtain myself one. would be nice to have a portable device with some actual security, not this soykaf school mandated laptop, or my government tracking device (smartphone.) MP3 player is also a must get, as i wont be getting a new smartphone after mine breaks, and my phone is basically just a music player at the moment.

11.18.2021 thinkpadding

woo, portable computing! my t440p finally came in the mail and i installed debian on it after an hour or two of fiddling with it. I decided to go with the xfce de since ive heard some really bad things about gnome from some chummers on lainchan, and so far im honestly not too impressed. making anything work on linux takes at least twice as long as it would have taken had it been on windows (though i am almost 100% sure this is due to me being a total n00b). another thing i noticed is that it seems my schools network seems to not be listed on my device, my guess is that they have linux systems blocked somehow... really need to find a work around on that because i dont want to use a hotspot for everything...

11.18.2021 lucky star

ok so my current network connection is really shitty, which makes checking edits on my more css heavy pages a real fuckface manuever, so instead im just gonna write what i would have written there: here. here being much more low bandwidth friendly. makes me feel for all the low bandwidth ppl trying to acess my page actually. maybe ill add a plaintext version of all of them. ANYWAYS, i was gonna write about lucky star; my favorite slice of life anime. there are many reasons as to why i like it: the casual pace, low levels of intensity, cute characters, and mostly funny jokes. i think after spending so many years watching the most serious, manly, and brosick anime, something like lucky star is a really nice change of pace. i normally reserve watching the show for lunch time, when i let myself take a break from studying and relax a bit.

12.29.2021 linux

so i switched over to arch linux after using debian for like a week. (this was all quite a while ago, so i may get some details off) i was stupidly swayed by 1337 internet fuckos and their awful memes. however, i actually ended up liking arch so much more than debian, as well as the wicked sick ricing i voimitied all over my desktop manager. (hint, its all lain themed, and i replaced all the icons i use with japanese characters that i dont even understand (what a loser!) for that extra addition of non user comfortability. people get too comfortable these days, they should be forced to memorize barly visible icons in order do use their taskbar! (or be forced to use the command line 1337 8006135 xd) how sexy is that!? even has the asciiart banner and shit! my god. i love it.

11.3.2021 collection

i am currently in possesion of a collection of consoles, games, and tech that spans across two generations of collecting. starting from a pong console, up through the last 30 or 40 years. but only a few really stand out as something worthwhile to keep around for actual use considering the evolution of console emulation. for example, the virtual boy i own, is nothing but a novelty item and not really that useful. however, my ds or 3ds are incredibly usful devices. things that make a device more worthwhile to obtain or keep are the: portablity, game selection and hackablity of the device. portability is an obvious one, as the more portable the more places it can be used, directly increasing its versatility. game selection seems obvious, but not when paired with the hackability trait. a console may have a terrible selection out of the box but when homebrewed can boast an incredibly strong collection. hackability is essentially how far you can take your device and what kind of software that can be run on it. in my mind the best devices to keep around currently are the portable ones (ds, dsi, 3ds, switch, psp) as they are all hackable to a high degreee (could be wrong about the switch, its still relatively new) and smaller consoles (like the game cube) that boast great controls and game selection while not being big clunky peices of plastic. of course, the standard computer as we know it is always going to beat out the regular console in nearly every way exepting visual design and nostalgia, so if you find yourself not often away from your pc, there is really no bother to obtain *any* console... instead just emulate!

11.3.2021 Xx_test_xX


11.4.2021 dsi piracy

last night i ended up picking up a sd card and sd card usb reader because i had finally gotten tired of pokemon pearl and the fruitless quest for a dragonite. after about and hour i had gotten twilight menu and unlaunch set up and ready. being able to play any of the ds games i can find online is so liberating! no longer will i have to scour ebay or some other site looking for games for my ds (not that i ever really did that.) the first couple of games i decided to grab were: the world ends with you, pokemon heart gold, mario and luigi, and chronotrigger. didn't even know chronotrigger was on the ds... thats gonna be a fun one, cant wait to listen to some of those tracks. being able to make such a small and comfortable device into an emulation capable machine, with wide access to pirate anything you want is so powerful! computers are amazing.

11.4.2021 controllers

different systems come with different input methods. the most standard of these imput methods are the keyboard and mouse, and the pad (standard xbox360 cntrlr for example.) however, there are many more imput methods than that, each suited to their own specialties. the fightstick for example is ideal for fighting games, with a single large bianary input stick that uses a gate system to read input. each fightstick can be modified greatly from one another, from the buttons, gates, circut boards, case, printing, and more that i have overlooked. the fightstick deserves its own entry (and it may get one at some point) and yet that is only one of the many controllers. another fan favorite is the gamecube controller. used for competetive melee, a game notorious for its extreme speed and precision through analog controls, gamecube controllers vary greatly in quality. years ago i would often tune into a stream about modding and customizing the gcn controller (n3zmodgod if anyone was wondering) and the lengths some will go to in order to reach the pinnacle of input is simply amazing. spending over $400 on a single controller seems crazy until you realize the work that goes into modding one. "notches" are a common mod, created by filing away at the part of the controller case that holds the analog stick. doing this essentially makes a groove in the controller that you can push the analog stick into, and get relatively accurate angle values. each controller has slightly different analog values, so you cant just cut every notch the same way, they have to be individually tested using analog value reading software.

11.14.2021 thinkpad

i recently ordered a thinkpad T440P as a solution to my lack of portable browsing capabilties after hearing constant praise and use of them on lainchan. As im still new to linux, im going to be installing Debian instead of Arch or Gentoo because i know that would just end up being a headache. being able to use school networks and bypass the firewall using a vpn is going to be amazing, as well as being able to download anything i want onto its drive. 4:3 anime will find a comfortable home on my system ill be sure of that. the fuarking thing has an i5-4300 and 8gb of ram for 120USD. in this market? thats fuarking insane. god i am so fuarking excited. heres a sick dnb track for 170bpm lovers for anyone looking to get a portable system, i reccomend looking on ebay for used thinkpads. they may not be the most powerful systems ever, but the pricepoint is truly unmatched.

11.14.2021 FLCL

fooley-cooley is the best anime that never made any sense, and its all the better for it. the series just constantly eminates a love for the art of animation, and i can almost 100% tell that the creators had an incredibly fun time making it. the no holds barred aproach to the comedy, plot and animation really just makes it come to life. in my mind its in the top three must watch anime ever. almost like a painting, what the series is about (at least on a deeper level) is never really directly stated. of course the show talks about its aliens and robots, but the actual "thesis" (for lack of a better word) isnt so clear, and i think for many people it has a different meaning to them. to me, flcl is about coming of age, of a time without worries and things dont seem to change suddenly becomes invaded by new factors. i regularly watch the show when i feel like life is just too much and i need to re-adjust my perspective. its okay to be a dumb kid sometimes. i reccomend putting on the flcl soundtrack on your mp3 player, getting your dusty old skateboard out of the closet, and cruising around the neighborhood. not much else gives me the same feeling of freedom and escape.

12.8.2021 hokuto no ken

ATATATATA! kenshiro attacks!

a true classic that ive been working through over the last couple of weeks, a couple of episodes a day. so far the show just kind of follows the fomula of: baddie does baddie thing to innocents, kenshiro kills baddie. while repetetive, it gives the show a structure that feels very comfortable to watch. its not gonna throw some random wild scene or plotpoint at you that makes you question your humanity or ethics, just plain ol' kickassery through and through. ATA! 9(O_O)9 ~* (X_X)

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