>driftt's pad

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>whats on here?:

>dont let the face scare you off! i dont bite! most of the time... here you will find a selection of things: music, art, writing (in stupendously self indulgent style) and anything else i think is cool or entertaining. essentially, i want this to be a hub for many of the cool things i have found or know about, and allow people easy access to stuff that took me forever to find. youre welcome B) hah, nah im kiddin. thanks for vistiting! newest entries will me marked by white text.

>about me:

>im driftt, a pretty cool guy B) with alot of interests. I normally used to go by faux on the web but because of that sicknasty "fauux" neocity i decided id switch it up for this site to avoid confusion. im huge into music and i play guitar and bass. i spend most of my weekends at shows at the local venue jumping around in the pit (brootal). my hobbies include: programming (really shittily hah), making music, playing videogames, reading, sewing (patches and the like, see battlepants ^above^), bodybuilding, crossdressing, and drawing! i have a cat named Dirk (creatively named) hes still a kitten but hes a great lil guy.

>contact me:

driftt#6668 on discord or drifttrx@protonmail.com

>getting huge again

>01.14.2022 not being consistent with my exercise has certainly taken a toll on my physical and mental health. though i am still in considerably good shape, especiallly when compared to the average american. clearly though, this is not a good standard for ones self. however, neither is the standard of needing to look like arnold. i used to do that when i started lifting: causing a pretty strong case of "bigorexia" and it started to consume my life, as well as make me considerably more insecure and irate. as of recent, i have been very inconsistent with my lifting schedule: i would life 3-5 days in a row, then stop for some time. this causes a strenth and gains plateu that is *incredibly* demoralizing. i have decided that i will no longer go down that route. its time to really fucking TEST my body. "overtraining" my ass, it will only make me tougher. i am tired of being weak, of the mind, body and soul (though i dont really belive in souls lol). after writing this i am going to hit the gym with MAXIMUM intensity. tommorow: i am going to hit the gym with MAXIMUM intensity. etc. etc. etc. i need to put some self discipline in place or i will never make any progress. today i am going to gague what my maximum squat and bench is, then i will use that metric to create a goal. my diet is already healty, but i will need to increase the calories: though this will happen naturally, as i will be more hungry due to the body strain. i must do this. im am also going to start a small notebook to keep my lifts recorded: and will probably create a new page (html file, tab? idk what to call this?) to this site in order to keep track of said lifts more effectively.

>shifting realities

>01.12.2022 recently my grip on reality seems to be weakening, and i am questioning the reality of the things around me. i dont hear voices in my head, and im not seeing things (i think) beyond reason, but im starting to feel like a crazy person. its like the people i know irl are somehow entirely mentally different from me (not in a negative or positive way). its hard to imagine living a life where you can just "not worry" about the intensely clear hell humanity is making for itself. how can you just live without the intense fear this brings? if i approach the problem from a scientific/objective point of view, its clear that i am the outlier. i am the crazy one. but how can that be? what of all the feelings i have? should they just be dissmissed in order to blend in with the herd? no. even if that was the answer i was looking for, i am unable to realize the result. ive tried. ive been the stoner, ive been the jock, the lifter, the artist, the nerd, the gamer. i am just *not* able to fit in with the mentally healthy individual. the few friends that i do have all have a similar issues. (i say friends, plural, but i have a hard time agreeing with myself that it is more than one). am i an innovator, an intelligent? or am i a schizo, an outcast? *is there even a fucking d i f f e r e n c e*? i truly have no answers. many of my convictions are based on the philosphies of which i have studied, digested, and agreed with (shoppenhauer, neitzche, etc.) but who is to say those philosophies are valid? the answer being no-one. i find these unanswerable questions greatly troubling. i hope... im not even sure what i hope for. i began that sentence, and had no conclusion. what do i do? do i even do anything? is this a problem that i have any control over? is the answer really as simple as "get therapy" or "take these pills". i find it hard to belive that some pills or talking to someone can truly solve or even just somewhat mitigate problems as complex as these. will it turn me into just another person in the cround? individuality shattered by a acceptance of the mundane. please, if you have even the sligtest of thought on the topic, send me an email. i would very much enjoy speaking to someone who can/would like to understand.

>breaking into breakbeats

>01.05.2022 breakbeats and more generally, jungle, dnb, etc. seem to awaken something deep in me. the genres are exelent for maintaining my focus and willpower while doing almost anything challenging, and i often leverage them while studying or even playing a hard game. beyond my weird utilitarian view, so many of the tracks are just really fucking good and great fun to listen to. this brings me to my main point: my attempt to become in tune with the current breakz underground. over the last several months i have been seeking out more and more obscurities in the genre, slowly building up a repatuare of incredibly fucking sicknasty 170+ bpm cutz. my main resource for this has been the "Dismiss Yourself" record label. found here: { https://dismissyourself.bandcamp.com/ }. not all of what they release are breaks, and some of the releases are questionable at best. see: Cartier' in da house - Cartier'GOD. what a terrible record lol. and other releases are clearly jokes. however, more often than not; you get something really interesting released, something that youve never heard anything like and then it all becomes worth it. im under the impression that break genres are undergoing somewhat of a revival at the moment (though this could very well be confirmation bias. grain of salt) so often i see new and interesting tracks being released. the incredibly popular "Sewerslvt" brought a much larger audience to the scene, and many of them stuck around to make tracks. even before sewerslvt we had goreshit making lolicore for years and years. if interested in the genres, here are a couple of sicknasty releases and artists i have discovered: evaboy (rip), brandon lowe, emray, sienna sleep, anthony1, exodia, (try out Land of Yuri's Discord MIXX for a grab bag of tracks), sewerslvt, goreshit, sorry about my face, and so so much more. i would call all of these artists, "new wave of breakz," because there is of course all of the jungle and dnb OG-OOG's out there with 30+ years of releases stacked up, but i have a pretty limited knowledge of them so i wont elaborate for now. i will say though that older breaks are still definatly worth listening to, i just find newer releases more appealing at the moment. check out the linkdump muzik n' vidya for some quick links to breakz.


>01.05.2022 ive been having some of that classic anxiety recently, fueled by huge amounts of midwest emo and black coffee. i feel like ive stopped having anyone to talk to. i still have my parents, and a friend or two, but i dont feel like i can really talk to those people. i blame myself partially for not having anyone to talk to, after all, i did stop talking to some of my "friends". but i had good reasons for stopping, i didnt want to become a useless stoner who doesnt care about anything exept smoking and shitty ass mexican punk bands that claim to want to genocide white people. fuarrrk that. so i moved on. i also stopped talking to my ex-boyfriend because i just felt pathetic every time i talked to him. he found ways to demean me at every chance he could, and it made me feel like shit. another person i thought could be a friend ended up being one of those unrelyable people that only respond when they feel like it, as it they are just using my conversation for entertainment. again, fuarrrk that. id rather be alone than constanly have to deal with people like that, but it still sucks. i often feel like a ghost around other people. its like im just ignored, as if im not there at all. compounded with my tendancy to dissasociate, i end up feeling like im not even a person, just some kind of intelectual wisp of energy, sitting in a dark room and looking out a window into my reality. at least this wisp can play videogames. so theres that.

>current manga reading

>01.03.2022 aaaaand into the new year here we are! cant wait for that statement to age oh so well... anyways, to the topic we go. after years of reading manga on my phone using tachiyomi (sweet manga reader for any android users btw) i decided that i would start picking up pysicals too. and man am i glad i did. the feeling of cracking open a new volume, taking in the smells, enjoying the crisp art, and reading the official translations (rather than the often awful fan translations). when i made this decision to start a manga collection, the first place i went was my local comic shop. dissapointingly, the manga shelves were near empty.. with a few tankoban scattered about. i think there was probably a total of 2 "volume 1"s and they were all for series i had no interest in or had already read (black clover and jojo retrospectivly). however, i did manage to find volume 2 and 3 of a series i had never heard of at the time "XS-Hybrid" and MAN what a lucky find. XS is getting its own post on here, so i wont spoil much but just think: hot guys n' girls, sportbikes, hacking, etc. totally perfect for my tastes. its kinda just early 2000's porn though because there is almost no story at all. i just treat it as an art book. i also got omnibus 3 of elfen leid which when i bought it was volumes 1-3 but it was actually 6-9... so i had to order omnibus 1 and 2. it has a really interesting story so far, but i havnt read much because i was saving it for when i am bored in class. ill upload an image of my collection soon, but its 2:30 am and im writing this in between sleep sessions, so not tonight lol. expect a fancy XS-Hybrid manhua entry to come. i think i am going to just nest a new html document in an entry on here, so that i can take pictures of some of my favorite pages and show them off without fuarrrking this pages formatting and having to deal with it.

>the wizard book

>12.29.2021 for christmas, my parents got me the book i had asked them for! the famous, "structure and interpretations of computer programs", aka the wizard book, or the purple book. see this resource for more details. the book uses and teaches scheme lisp in order to better your understanding of programming (or so i think! im still reading it!!! gry ain of salt folks! a darn grain of salt!) I hope to use it to not only become a better programmer, but also to have sicknasty amounts of fun using this weird langauge. before you say, "driftt mang.. start with js or python or something," ponder this: im a massive fucking hipster and would rather learn something much less useful because i think it is cooler or less popular. ive learned to accept this, and so should you (if you are trying to get me to learn an actually applicable language that is hah! :)) so far, some of the things i have learned about the language are: the language itself is used to edit the language (recursiveness, whatttttt!!?!?!? dunno even if thats how thats spelled!) and some of the syntax. as an example: ( * 5 ( + 2 2)( + 5 5)) is evaluated as 70. the operator goes first, then the values the operator is operating on go after. you can define more complex operations with the (define) function thingy. ex.: (define square x (* x x )) now if you use square as an operator: (square 5) would evaluate to 25! without square being defined, this would result in an error. pretty sweet huh! ive heard that scheme lisp is pretty useless in real world applications, but that can make you a better programmer by learning it. it must because MIT used it for forever! a different dialect of lisp: common lisp, is still used today though (mostly in the feild of AI) so maybe its not so useless? one day ill be a sicknasty technofoo slangin expansion cards and dataHands, a modern day BPS! just kiddin, thats kid stuff unfortunatly ((no(?)) pun intended) i can still revel in the endless journey of learning how to control seemingly magical computer spirits and sharpening the wired into a wicked sick really shitty katana.


>12.28.2021 today i watched a movie: "Dont look up". what a terrible mistake that was. caused me to have a pretty awful exstatential panic attack, which is still fucking up my neurospace pretty bad even as im writing this. the movie itself wasnt bad, in fact i think it was a pretty well written parody of the world we live in today, but it didnt mix well with my mental state.

>been a while...

>12.22.2021 recently ive had a much weaker drive to update this page! im not sure why exactly, it not like i have a lack of ideas or new things to post, buttt it is what it is i suppose... so i guess updates will be slowing down for the time period. however, i wont be stopping any time soon! i really enjoy building up my site, and will continue to. i dont think i will be trying to make my pages all fancy or anything, because im not a huge fan of those really modern looking javascripty (and frankly kinda bloated (no offence!)) websites.

>i finally blocked him.

>12.13.2021 for some time now, i had been still talking to my ex-boyfriend, and as i mentioned in the last post, always made me feel horrible about myself. i never blocked him because i felt i wouldnt be able to handle the even further lonesomeness. today that changed.

>my experience with anxiety etc.

>12.7.2021 ive noticed my anxiety getting worse and worse over the years. ive developed an involuntary tick in which the right side of my face sort of spasms out, and im often made very uncomfortable by the thoughts in my head. regularly (often hourly) my thoughts are domimated by something that causes me anxiety. mostly stupid stuff, like how i phrased something weirdly when talking to a stranger or how i reacted to something. even memories from my early childhood (think elementary school) still haunt me daily. today i asked one of the staff at my school for help and it was sort of uncomfortable, and later while walking my dog my tick wouldnt stop. i still have some control over my tick, and am able to suppress it (particularly around others) but it isnt easy, and i dont know how long that will last. another thing ive noticed is how paranoid the anxiety is making me. im having exremely negative yet unprobable doubts of those around me. my heart feels very heavy. i know that i should get therapy but its so expensive and i am very poor. i would ask my parents to help but they are already going to help pay for my tuition and i really dont want to be a burden. i dont think i will try suicide again, because i still have hopes and i do enjoy life. i just cant seem to get out of my own head, though ive always kind of been like that i suppose.
my current and past relationships (platonic and non-platonic) are a big source of my anxiety. ive been talking to my ex-boyfriend for a couple of months now and its really taking a toll. when he broke up with me it hurt me really badly, and at the time, put me into an even deeper depression than i was already in. every time i talk to him it only serves to lower my mood. i cant remember the last time i had spoken to him and not been dissapointed or upset by the end of it, and yet i respond as fast as i can, looking forward to every message. fucking pathetic i know. ive told myself countless times that i would never talk to him again and yet here i am wallowing away. im so alone. i try to tell myself that i dont need anyone to be happy, but it isnt convincing. i dont really have any friends anymore since i stopped talking to them (they were incredibly bad influences (drugs)). the friends that i do have are never available and are unreliable. some of my only coping mechanisms (crossdressing, writing, lifting) have started to lose their effectivness, especially lifting. im really not sure what to do anymore. i know i need therapy. i dont know how i will get it. my heart longs for someone who treats me well and my mind longs for a reprieve.

>mp3 player get! (to be moved)

>12.6.2021I got myself an mp3 player! its a surfans F20 HiFi music player, and so far im pretty happy with it, though im not a fan of the fact that it was made in china because of their horrible human rights violations, nor am i happy that i got it on amazon of all places. blegggghhhh. disgusting. consumerism wins once again i guess :(. at least i dont have to pay for any music services anymore, or carry around a smartphone and a usbC to 3.5mm headphone jack that breaks once every two months (not even joking! ive bought 3 pairs of usbC adapters! bullshit!). so far ive basically just copied over all the tracks from my pc onto the sd card, meaning that almost all the songs on it are sienna sleep tracks that i grabbed from a google drive he posted somewhere, a couple of old school hip-hop records (think wu-tang and nas) and two metal records (engraver and suffocation). oh and two vulfpeck records that i didnt get from a place that rhymes with ghe girate gay.

>/cyb/eria zine

>11.25.2021 i am currently working on an tech/anti-corpo zine and i would like others to be able to contribute. i have 2 or 3 empty pages for things to go on. even if those pages are full, if you submit, it will more than likely be on the next zine of the same series.

>11.28.21 spent the last couple hours looking through the sprawl for spots with public access networks and location security flaws like unlocked doors. my eventual goal is to find a spot where i get a connection while not being bothered (for opsec, and for fun). other than that i got a black coffee (i was told it was an americano). it was pretty good. not sure what else is in store for me, hopefully i find a good spot soon. i dont like having to use mobile hotspots in parking buildings.


one of my favorite films of all time "Hackers" paints a fuarrrking awesome picture of the 90's. everything is so stylized and turn of the century that it just blows my mind. the whole thing is full of memorable lines that are just utterly hilarious. i highly reccomend watching it. aparently, each of the computers that the cast use are all chimeras built from several machines but mostly with the internals of apple powerbook 180Cs. they all sport their own unique boot screen based on the characters personalities. i found this sweet site you can use to learn more! hackerscurator and where i found it


>11.18.21 real life /cyb/erPUNK: here i am, sitting on the top floor of a parking garage, nine floors up, typing an article using stolen wifi and jamming "julie's" newest EP. I have consumed two peices of boudin pizza obtained from the nearby pizza place. is this larping? or is it just badass? its fuarrrking fun thats all i know. fuck classes, this is how you learn shit. this is how you become a more well rounded person, experiencing life, breathing the fresh air in the heart of the sprawl. corpofucked yuppies stand on every corner, in their uniform of bland professionalism, unaware (intentionally or not) of the struggle that goes down not a couple of train stops down from them. whatever. hate them or not they seem to surve some sort of purpose in the current economy. but i swear they better stop giving me glances like im some kind of freak, never seen a fuarrking punk before? probably not. anyways, im having a good time so why get so upset over it. moving on. ive been thinking of creating a zine of some kind, printing them out and then sharing them around, some grassroots stuff. on the zine i want to put anti-corpo messages, music reccomendations, art and opsec tips. whether or not it will make a difference really doesnt matter to me, i just want to make some cool shit for people.

>battlehardening boots:

the boot is a must have every day item for someone such as myself. one good pair of boots is as good as 5 pairs of sneakers, due to a couple of reasons; the first reason being durability. boots will last you decades if you treat them right, and even longer if you repair, whereas a standard pair of sneakers will last maybe a couple of years at best. the second reason boots are so strong in todays meta is their versatility. a boot can be a running shoe, hiking shoe, and climbing shoes all in one. boots excel greatly in the field of rucking (walking long distances with a weighted pack) which is the most important purpose a shoe can hold for people living in urban environments where walking is common. *however,* boots are only as good as you make them. pick a shitty pair of boots for a low price, fail to break them in properly, lace them in the unoptiomal way, wear the wrong kind of socks, any of these things will leave you hurting. lastly, boots are fucking badass! they just straight up look cool and make you feel strong just for wearing them. (sidenote: boots are also great for femboys! i love to wear my boots with thighhighs and a skirt! its one of my favorite outfits.) so!? how do you go about picking the right boot, lacing them properly, breaking them in, and getting a good sock config? i have a couple guides for you: picking a boot! breaking in boots! lacing your boots! picking socks! my personal choices are the Belleville 330 DES ST Boots and the Dr. Martens Jadon Smooth Leather Platform Boots and the Darn Tough Tactical Boot Cushion Socks. my first ever pair of boots were a standard pair of dr. martens, and i totally loved them. they were all i wore for 3 or 4 years, and they got so broken in that the color entirely changed and the leather became incredibly soft (incredibly comfortable.) however i wanted something more gothic so i got the platform boots, which really tested me. dr. martens do look good, but they are hell to break in... it took weeks of bloody feet to break in my current ones, but once my feet built up a resistance and the leather began to crease, they became incredibly solid dailies. my third boot, the belleville 330's are the ones i am currently breaking in. they are a millitary boot, so they are already more comfortable out of the box and they are much cooler (tempurature wise) than my docs due to the hot climate design. i had only obtained the darn tough socks with my belleville's but now that i have them i really realize the difference a good pair of socks makes. when if i plan to wear my bellevilles for a long time, i always wear a pair of darn toughs and a pair of wool socks over them for maximum comfortablity. on all of my boots i use cross lacing, as that is what fits my feet the best. anyways, i highly reccomend a pair of boots. its an aquired taste but once you get it, you really get it.

>captains log:

>11.25.2021 holy fuck i almost had a panic attack, i can *not* be around this many people for this long. luckly i managed to make my way outside, though it is cold as fuarrrk out here. somehow there is a pretty comfortable chair out here in the open garage area. i hope noone comes out here, ive always felt oddly relaxed by cold winter nights, even if i myself am cold within them. they seem to evoke a solemn emotion in me that helps accept the realities of the future without getting anxiety. laptop's gonna die. fuck. god bless thinkpad.

>11.25.2021 thanksgiving... yeah. time to spend a bunch of time around people that i dont know anything about and feel aquard the entire time. cant even get any alcohol to make it more barable. what is with people and being so open to gossip and talk negativly of other people in their families? do they not realize that everyone else does the same thing but targeted at them? i find it so awful of them. everything is so clearly faked. all of the people here have an oily film of stress and anxiety resting on top of their minds and yet they try to hide it. makes for an incredibly toxic environment. maybe eating and a beer or two will make me feel a little better.

reminder to self: avoid loud places when trying to be productive. it makes it incredibly hard to focus. make sure to get caffine if forced to go to said location

>11.21.2021 i recently read this which i feel kind of corroborated my feelings on human inteligence. the great variation in human inteligence is so frustrating/ burdernsome to me. without trying to sound egotistical ill explain some of my feelings: being unable to make a true friendship, i belive there must be a certain equality between people. often, the people that i am around i am unable to make meaningful connections or "friendships" with because they are either a: too immature, b: too stupid, or c: not dedicated. by maturity i dont mean always being serious and being a hard ass all the time, i mean just having your priorities in order and not acting like a child all the time. by too stupid i mean not being able to wrap your head around concepts that have deeper implications. by not dedicated enough, i mean people that are smart and mature but dont have the discipline or willpower to make themselves learn or do new things. to be clear, i am not a people hater, i dont even dislike people who dont fall into these groups, its just that im not able to make any friends with those that dont. even within groups like the punk or metal scene i dont seem to get along with people all that well. too many people dont care about the music and are just there for the social gathering or the drugs and alcohol. i dont get along with american otaku's either, many of them are so unsociable and dont even have good taste in media. whatever group it is it seems people are not well rounded enough. i think more people need to read neitzsche and work toward becoming the übermench he describes.

>11.19.2021 currently on coffee #3, this time im at some swanky ass spot. my coffee was ~2.50USD? i only order black coffees. i think i am going to make going deeper into the sprawl a more regular activity. walking is good for you and i enjoy experiencing new locations, particularly in such an urban enviro. plus it only costs like 4 dollars to make it here and i can spend as long as i want sitting and typing like some kind of professional. its funny seeing all of these people with their ultrathin macbook garbage next to my hefty thickpad, i cant imagine. earlier i fucking supidly dropped my backpack onto the concrete, not being used to carrying such a device around in it and i damaged the top left corner of the screen chasis. should be able to fix it with some tape and super glue. whatever. ugh, actually im not coming back to this coffee spot. they have ads on their music, how the fuck is this okay? i literally go through so much effort to avoid advertisments and yet i cant escape them. again, whatever.

>11.3.2021 didnt end up getting conveyor sushi, my bro didnt know they closed at 9 and it was already 10 by the time we got out... hey! it happens alright! we ended up getting fried chicken instead, which isnt better than sushi but is still pretty okay. the running joke of the night was china, their insane social credit system, and john cena's weird relationship with them. i will refrain from mentioning the actual meme itself as i dont want to date this page *that* horribly. its pretty crazy to me that a system like that can actually exist and be in use, a true example of modern dystopia. imagine living in a place like that! zero freedom. crazy. if you havnt heard that much about it, i recomend that you look into it just a bit (maybe just watch a 10 minute youtube video about it) because its really interesting, and might help you recognize some of the same strategies that china is using in your own government.


>11.2.2021 took the day off from school today due to some really bad anxiety right from waking up, not sure what was up with that but whatever. decided i would try to make the otakuspace; somewhere where i could take refuge from the cold dark world and talk about cool anime and stuff. spent a good chunk of time on that today and last night, got it to the point where i shouldnt have to tinker much with the overall layout anymore, so now i can just add tons of content and stuff. easier said than done but hey thats how it goes for these things. I should set up a way for viewers to contact me, ive been feeling rather lonely lately and maybe that would help? id love to make some online friends. what should i use? email? discord? i dont really like the idea of discord, they seem to be spyware from what ive seen and read, but it might be the best option since im already forced to use it to talk to my friends. at least i have a cool discord theme! i hate the gross grey discord uses and their awful fonts! *my* discord looks like a sicknasty terminal with the font and all, after i modified a guys theme to look that way. might take a long time to complete that "LAIN" entry on the otakuspace... i have to rewatch the anime, read the manga, AND play the game! gonna be a while... maybe ill start another entry and keep that one on the back burner... dunno! hope things turn out well. Later tonight (writing this at about 8pm) im gonna eat some damn sushi off of a conveyor! woop woop!


>10.18.2021 man this is hard as fuck to figure out myself. well.... i suppose ill take a break from looking at all these wicked sick html n' css wikis and shit to write some truly insigntful brain comments. insignttful, yes. im currently writing this in my statistics class ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. what a drag, at least its easy. man if you have the chance, never type on a membrane keyboard, feels like im going southern style mudding but instead of a shitty truck its a keyb.

rip chuck shculdiner rip chuck shculdiner

rip chuck!

>10.19.2021 dude! im slowly figuring out this whole sicknasty c0de thing (ayche-tee-emm-ell, cee-ess-ess)! not really haha... i suck... but i have high hopes! i feel like im learning quick. i added some stuff, two sweet chuck gifs and this lil cute giphy pet thing. Eventually I want to figure out how to format this similarly to onionrooms sweet website!(im a huge fan) i like the way his whole page is nice and centered but with a background image, its nice to look at but not too fancy either. really tasteful stuff that. I still havnt gotten the chance to upload the images i want to myy dashboard due to chronic nap time soo expect that soon lol.


>10.21.21 wooo..oo.o... yeah, im hitting a roadblock. I feel like the next step I have to make this site a sick one is learning a ton of stuff all at once. buuuut im not giving up! its just gonna take a while. Im also running low on ideas... i got super duper secret (you may never know!) up and running but to make it look nice seems impossible, (least not to a high level using grids or floats or whatever the damn hell they are called!) I think for now i will just not worry too much about making the place look super nice and instead focus on just having entertaining stuff! Things like: stuff i write, draw, play. Maybe i could just make a list of all the sicknasty (in a good way hah) stuff ive found on the web over the years and put some kind of exposure on it (though exposure on the scale of an ant scrambling his way into his anthill. (DOES THAT EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE?! I HAVE TRULY NO IDEA!))


>10.21.21 tons of stuff added to sds! im having a great time writing and getting more efficient with sicknasty html, though i gotta find a good guide for more advanced formatting if i want this place to not look so ameture. though i kind of like this look... so maybe if i do end up updating it, ill have a hidden link somewhere on the site that goes to the old (current) page. -Opacity and cute background added!- even more added! man i am on the grind ive even gotten some followers, one of which is from onionroom and another from arandomsite! pretty sicknasty i know B) the site hasnt been up for long enough for me to comment on anything, so i havnt done any of that quite yet, but i will when i get the chance. i wrote a ton of stuff for the sds page and generally just beefed it up. aswell as that, ive added a new page for muzik. im gonna make some sweet custom art for it and have tons of links to music. hopefully i can think up some kind of UI similar to how homestuck did it with like a record collection format.



before you go check out the otakuspace!